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Bus Sheltors

A bus stop is a designated place where buses stop for passengers to board or alight from a bus. These are normally positioned on the highway and are distinct from off-highway facilities such as bus stations.

Looking to reach pedestrian and vehicular traffic with your advertising message? Transit Shelter displays - also known as bus shelter ads - may be just the right media for your next ad campaign. Bus Shelters from Saravana Advertisers are very good media options. They not only reach the commuters waiting at Bus Shelters and commuters in busshelters but also people travelling on the road.

Being at eye level this advertising option is hard to miss and has excellent visibility. Bus Shelters have continuous traffic through the day and early part of the night. Attention level one gets from advertising at Bus Shelters is high because of the time available to commuters. A bus Shelter also plays the role of a hoarding to passing traffic. We believe that our works speak the values and aspirations of our clients. At the heart of our success is the perfect blend of man and machine, working in unison and to a precise plan, to create class apart advertising campaign.

Today, concern for the environment and the popularity of programs such as Park-and-Ride have caused a wide range of business professionals, teachers, college students, and many other types of workers to leave their vehicles in mall parking lots and ride the bus to and from their jobs. It saves them the often high cost of parking and the wear-and-tear on their cars and provides them the opportunity to review material for a morning meeting, study, or just relax and gather their thoughts for the busy day ahead. The cards displayed inside the bus reach passengers who spend an average of 30-40 minutes on the bus . . . and your ad is there for them to read the whole time.

Not only can you reach some very upscale customers on the inside of the bus, but you can also reach a large variety of people by advertising on the more traditional exterior signs. Available in various shapes and sizes, exterior bus signs display advertising messages to thousands of people in cars as well as pedestrians. Buses travel through cities and outlying suburban areas, to shopping malls, universities, business districts, amusement centers, supermarkets, theaters and convention sites.

  • Clarity in Design
  • Reach all set of People
  • Maximun reach in both City and Outside
  • Artistically designed
  • Climate and Water Resistance
  • Available with Back Light
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