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Bus Panels

To satisfy the growing and modern needs of patrons, our industry is offering a wide array of Bus Branding. The brands name are written on bus attract the people and make them being know about that particular brand. The printing is done attractively in order to advertise effectively. We provide Bus Advertising Services. These Bus Advertising Services are rendered under the supervision of domain experts by following a systematic and professional approach. With advertisement holders on deluxe / city buses has helped us to gain prominence as the most reliable and promising manufacturer of finest quality hoardings and banners that are imprinted on buses that travel throughout the nook and canny of the city. City buses serve as not just “comfortable and cheap medium of swift traveling” but also a fine medium of advertising. Advertisements are printed on both the sides of these deluxe buses. This enables promotion of brand image and popularity of the firm/product advertised and gives proper exposure to the new products throughout the streets of the city, which allows the inhabitants to be acquainted with these products or services. These buses serve as the most “in demand” and appropriate Publicity medium.

We have a wide network in advertsing in Buses either it is Goverment or Private Buses. We advertise in Buses throughout Tamilnadu whether it is urban, rural or metro. Bus Panel advertising gives a huge impact to all type of audiences to reach your products and services.

  • Clarity in Design
  • Reach all set of People
  • Maximun reach in both City and Outside
  • Artistically designed
  • Climate and Water Resistance
  • Side Portion Visibles to Pedestrians and People in Bus Stops
  • Back Portion visbiles to Followers on Road
How we work
Why us ?

Our highest quality services are driven by the customer's comfort, cost benefits, schedule and budget targets, and confidentiality and security issues.

We have a clean analysis about all the changes that occur in the field globally and thus we give suggestions to the clients based on their locations no matter where they are. We have such eminent team who are dedicated towards the work and who always strive for the development of their clients and help them in getting the best results.